The Empowered Vibe Tribe

I am enough, I am love, I am awake, I remember



The Empowered Vibe Tribe is a group created by  me (Goddess Lindsay) to share my gifts, passions, experiences, and art that manifested out of my journey into consciousness and awakening. I don't claim to be an expert or have all of the answers, as we all know the truth lies within. I do however, have practices that I have nurtured and grown over the past several years that have helped me connect with my higher self to work towards living a life filled with more compassion, connection, consciousness, and joy.


  • BQH (Beyong Quantum Healing) Sessions

  • Moon Intention Ceremonies

  • Tarot Forecasts

  • Artwork


BQH Session


(*sessions usually last between 3-4 hours)

Dream Interpretation
Soul Path Paintings

Includes 11 x 14 watercolor painting & 1 page  report



30-45 min Reading
Tarot -or- Chakra

Tarot: Includes one-on-one meeting to discuss card messages OR written forecast report with pictures and card messages, plus channeled message

Chakra: Includes Chakra oracle cards reading, chakra clearing, plus channeled message

(*Please indicate if you want a tarot or chakra reading at time of booking)


"Thank you for an amazing BQH session!  Your calm and peaceful presence helped me to feel comfortable and relaxed from the beginning.  It was fascinating to get some insight into my connection to Japanese culture by visiting previous lives in Japan.  It was empowering to remember a life as a musician samurai and that is sure to influence my spiritual practices as I move forward.  Your steady attention to detail and well-thought out questions were very helpful during the connection to my Higher Self.  I appreciate the work that you do and I look forward to working with you in the future!"


"I have a hard time opening up and being vulnerable but Lindsay was extremely kind and helpful. She created a safe and comfortable space that allowed me to open up and let the healing work. I am so grateful that Lindsay introduced me to BQH and I highly recommend it to everyone. Things came up that I didn't think were important but after acknowledging them I was able to let them go. I noticed changes within days of my session and things are still improving for me. Lindsay is a wonderful facilitator and I couldn't have asked for a better person to help me."


"I definitely look forward to the Chakra events! There's just an amazing vibe there, you just have to experience it! These classes have helped me to focus my energy and help quiet my active brain. I've learned the importance of meditation and mindfulness. It's so great to be around wonderful, like-minded people!
Also, Lindsay is such a caring mentor. I've been able to use her guidance to help me overcome a lot of my anxiety."


"The earrings are beautiful, and quite the statement. She made me a custom order with steel hooks for my sensitive ears, so she’s willing to work with you! Also came with a freakin on point tarot reading that just confirmed my chosen life path. Would absolutely recommend!"


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