25 Cycles of Release

In keeping with New Year's themes of letting go and starting anew, I began my first day of ths calendar year with a meditation before bed. While I meditate often, I don't often do it at the end of day. However, this particular evening, I was staying with some friends in Charlotte, NC and felt called to do a meditation before going to bed. I woke up on January 2nd from a dream with vivid images of concentric circles, triangles, a fish at the center and messages from my higher self about what affects both me and my "realm of influence." If you are reading this post, you may be part of my "realm of influence." I quickly, but calmly, got out of bed to find a pen and a piece of paper and drew as close to what I remembered seeing in that dream.

What followed was an intense download of information that I also wrote down. This is the largest channeled message I have received from my spirit guides to date. It catalogs the 25 cycles of release. These "cycles" include what to let go of, what to bring in, and what parts of the body and chakra system these releases connect to. I am sharing this message now, because the time feels right now. I am sharing the message in hopes of helping others that may benefit from this information. One of the interesting things that happened after I drew the picture I saw in my dream was that I saw a similar picture on the Alien case files themed television show, Project Blue Book almost a month after my initial download. Here is what the pictures from the TV show look like...

25 Cycles of Release

*Unless otherwise noted, the cycle connects with all chakras

1. EGO: Relinquish Control…surrender to the flow

2. CORDS: Set Boundaries

3. TENSION: Get Still and Quiet…meditate

4. TRAUMA: Ask your guides to help transmute and release trauma that is trapped in your body (Crown Chakra)

5. ANGER: Forgive and lead with love and compassion

6. ANXIETY: Movement, get your body moving (Sacral Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra, Root Chakra)

7. TIME: Take time to express your personal vision through creative actions (Third Eye & Sacral Chakra)

8. EXPECTATIONS: relinquish plans and expectations to let go of unwanted manifestations

9. THINKING: Listen and release thinking tendencies to strike a balance between speaking your voice, releasing limiting belief systems and listening. Helps connect you to your intuitive voice as well (Throat Chakra)

10. UNGROUNDED ENERGY: Connect with nature to ground your energy in the material realm. This releases junk that accumulates in root/base chakra (Root Chakra)

11. BODY FATIGUE: Getting enough deep sleep is important to release social programming. Deep sleep is also important in order to do healing work in the spiritual realms and receive messages through dream work.

12. UNWANTED FREQUENCY ALIGNMENT: Journaling and writing (positive affirmations, detailed goals, free thought) is important to align your personal frequency with what you want to manifest

13. JEALOUSY: To unblock heart and live with more compassion it is important to focus on “intentional compassion”…this can be done through loving kindness meditations where you send love to certain people in your life that you have difficult relationships. It also can be done by releasing the thought that your success if tied to other’s failures. Celebrate the successes and joys of others around you (Heart Chakra)

14. DIET: Eating a clean and ethical diet (I personally believe this looks different for all beings and you have to pair your own intuition with nutritional knowledge) helps release attachments to low vibe dimensions

15. STUBBORN RESISTANCE: Allow more in your life to release unnecessary suffering. Try to live with the least amount of resistance

16. DOUBT: To release old limiting patterns and connect more with your intuition and higher self, it is important to trust in both yourself and the goodness of others

17. DNA/NEGATIVE ANCESTRAL PATTERNS: To release any negative patterns from your DNA and ancestral lines you can pursue having a spiritual healer do a DNA activation with you, do DNA healing meditations, and also do DNA healing visualizations where you envision damaged particles in your DNA being healed by pure photonic light (that is red) healing portions of your DNA and once the healing is complete you can envision the DNA strand as electric blue, bright white, or a braided light of blue and white. You can also envision your DNA as a ladder to higher dimensions that you are climbing up as it is healed.

18. STORIES: To heal the collective cords of humanity it is important for us to both tell our personal stories (of both failures and triumphs) as well as listen openly to the stories of others. Connecting with others is very important

19. DEHYDRATION: Drink more water! This helps cleanse and repair your auric layers and your chakras

20. ADULTHOOD: Activating and connecting with our inner child is important to release abundance blocks

21. REASONING/PRAGMATIC THINKING: Stop using pragmatic explaining or reasoning tactics to dismiss your intuitive thoughts or personal beliefs as this behavior is akin to putting a “Return to Sender” stamp on the miracles that the Universe is sending you.

22. APOLOGETIC TENDENCIES: Stop saying sorry when not necessary as this keeps you reliving the past instead of staying connected to the present. This release unwanted guilt and shame.

23. CLUTTER: It is important to declutter, purge possessions and reimagine the physical spaces we inhabit. This unclogs stagnant energy and creates a more healing flow of energy the space

24. INDIVIDUALISM: See all beings as equal to heal the collective ego

25. FEAR: To release fear, it is beneficial to envision your own death as a peaceful letting go

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