Mudita: Sympathetic Joy

Mudita is a Buddhist concept of sympathetic joy. I first heard this term listing to Sharon Salzberg discuss it in an interview on a podcast last year (I think it was the 10% Happier podcast, but I am not positive). It really struck me as a powerful process to help us retrain our hearts and minds to lead with more compassion. Growing up in a capitalist, Western society (especially as a girl) so much of what society teaches us through the veil of individualism revolves around divisive themes such as competition, jealousy, false scarcity and more. This leads us to constantly compare ourselves to others and think that if someone else is successful we can't be and vice versa. Often, we don't even realize we are doing this as it has become so embedded into our egoistic patterns, it is like it's own machine on auto pilot. Even worse, this practice of perceiving lack (instead of the omnipresent abundance) results in abundance blocks and lack for ourselves. By seeing others as competition, we limit our own abundance and joy. Today, I choose to celebrate success of others as I see myself in them and them in me! Your success is my success. My joy is your joy!

Here is a link to learn more about Mudita:

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