Spirit Guide & Chakra Healing: BQH Message

Right after I completed my BQH certification (right around the Winter Solstice of 2018), I administered my first Beyond Quantum Healing practice session with a friend.


During this session, her higher self came through with the message that it was good that I was intuitively asking if certain healing was available and asking in many cases for the guides to explain what they were doing as they were offering the healing. As I understood the message, it emphasized that you have to not only have awareness of what needs healing, but need to know what to ask for as specifically as possible for the the best integration of healing. And that in a way, not knowing what to ask for is a form of acceptance of the attachment/binding. Now, I am more mindful to always inquire for as much detail as possible during the healing portions of a session. I feel this helps both the client and myself understand on a deeper level how to seek out healing in similar visualizations through personal mindfulness and meditation practices.

While a healing was being offered during this session the client and I both sensed in our mind's eye what was happening and discussed it after her session. We both saw the same thing. A binding on her heart chakra was being undone/unwound by our combined teams. I saw it as several pins or nails pinned into the chakra center with string wrapped around them binding them into place as an attachment on the chakra. I saw our guides using the color of the chakra as healing light (green in this case, since it was the heart chakra). This healing green light aligned with our intentions to unbind her heart center. It looked like the nail and string art (see example image below).

During my last BQH session (I was on the receiving end this time), I saw a similar visualization that was binding my throat, heart, solar plexus, and sacral chakras together. It was showing me that even though I had been working hard to open up through my crown and deepen through my root grounding, I wasn't able to fully integrate the healing into the rest of my in body chakras and the whole chakra system, because of this binding. I saw the same unraveling, unweaving, or unstringing in my own chakra system as we'd seen in my former client's session. This time though, I saw the next step of the healing. I saw the pins/nails that the string had been wrapped around push back into place into the chakra and spin or activate clockwise like a rotary dial spinning. The chakras had been open and spinning, but not fully.

Sharing this in hopes that it resonates with whoever else needs to hear/see this and that the healing is amplified throughout the collective.

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