This listing is for a BQH (Beyond Quantum Healing Session).


A BQH session is comprised of three different sections and usually lasts a total of 3-4 hours. I highly encourage you to block of the day of your session, just for BQH, and just for you. This will help you remove the distraction and clutter of the everyday grind and help you be in the best mindset to have a productive and insightful session.

  • ​Interview, preparing conversation. and setting the intention of the session.We start the process with a conversation where we review and discuss your areas of concern and clarify the questions that you would like to ask. This time is important and serves as preparations for the Hypnosis session (approximately 1 hour).
  • Hypnosis : Past Life regression, Subconscious/ Higher Self / Guides, conversation and healing work. This is the hypnosis part of the session where you will be guided into a deeply relaxed brain state (aka theta brain waves). It is a highly creative state where you can explore and communicate with deeper levels of your consciousness. You will be guided to the most relevant space and time. So, every person's session is different. You never know what your higher self will show you during a session. (approximately 1.5-2 hours)
  • Review, post talk. We take some time afterwards to review what you have experienced. Your practitioner will help you remember certain scenes and insights from your session and help you process and reflect on the session as a whole. (approximately 30min- 1 hour)


Quantum Healing has also been called guided visualization, hypnosis, dreamwork or soul travel. All of these descriptions are human words and phrases to basically describe this scenario: You lay back, relax, close your eyes and enter a deep, hypnotic or trance-like state that is relevant to your situation. The BQH practitioner works directly with you prior to the session to help you identify your specific intentions for your session and together you create a list of questions.  During the actual session, the practitioner will guide you through deep relaxation and intention ceremonies. Then, you are able to speak and describe your experience all the while being assisted by your facilitator. You will be invited to speak to your own Higher Self- that part of you that is the Divine spark and has more wisdom and knowledge about you and your life plan than your more "everyday" or "temporal" self. After your session, your BQH practitioner will check in with you about your session, help you remember certain scenarios that came up during the session, and prepare a video recording (online sessions) or written transcript (in person sessions) for you to review.


To learn more about this healing modality, visit my webpage where I go into greater detail about what BQH is:


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We will connect via video conferencing (with the Zoom app) or if you prefer I can tap into your energy and send you an email and written report for your reading.

BQH Session (Beyond Quantum Healing)