This listing is for a pair of Tarot Card Earrings. You can pick two cards that you feel connected to from the list below. Or you can allow me to intuitively pick a pair for you. I have the Major Arcanna as well as the 4 Queens. If you would like to request a commission with another card from the minor arcanna not listed, please message me (email in contact section).


*If I am out of the pair you request, please allow a week for me to make you new ones and I will notify you once they have shipped.


*If you are interested in getting a card reading with your earrings, see other listing with combined offer.


Major Arcanna:

0 – Fool  – 0

1    Magician  –  I

2    High Priestess  – II

3    Empress  –  III

4    Emperor  –  IV

5    Hierophant  –  V

6    Lovers  –  VI

7    Chariot  –  VII

8    Strength  –  VIII

9    Hermit  –  IX

10  Wheel of Fortune  –  X

11  Justice  –  XI

12  The Hanged Man  –  XII

13  Death  –  XIII

14  Temperance  –  XIV

15   Devil  –  XV

16   The Tower  –  XVI

17   The Star  –  XVII

18   The Moon  –  XVIII

19   The Sun  –  XIX

20   Judgement  – XX

21   The World  –  XXI

4 Queens:

  • Queen of Cups
  • Queen of Wands
  • Queen of Pentacles
  • Queen of Swords

Tarot Card Earrings

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